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Lojj – Refined homes, shared with friendsRefined homes, shared with friends

Why Lojj?

We passionately believe that sharing a flat or house with friends is the best way to enjoy university. We've decided to bring you a high quality option so you don't have to compromise your standard of living.

University is such a fun time of your life, and it seems a shame to live in an isolated room down a long corridor

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Just as importantly, your home will have large bedrooms and a high bedroom to bathroom ratio

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Lojj homes are ideal for friends to work and play, with a spacious kitchen, dining and living area where you can relax and socialise

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Our kitchen and living areas are bright, open-plan spaces for you and your friends to chill out

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What do our properties have?

In order to make your time with Lojj as comfortable as possible, our homes include:

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