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Lojj – Refined homes, shared with friendsRefined homes, shared with friends

What Do We Do?

We provide students with a high standard of living at a reasonable price. You don’t have to worry — just enjoy sharing with friends

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Find Your Perfect Home

Lojj is more than just a roof over your head whilst you're at university - it's a space to call your own

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Our in-house property management service aims to make your life easier by taking care of the little hassles for you

You will find a home away from home with Lojj

How Does Lojj Work?

A warm and safe space with all of the creature comforts and modern amenities ready from day one

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Bright rooms and an open-plan kitchen to give you the perfect environment to thrive in as you step into independent living

More about living with Lojj
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  • Property
  • Spacious
    Living Area
  • Garden
  • Bicycle
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